Renshi Greg Georgek

Name:  Greg Georgek

Rank: Godan with Honorary Title of  “Renshi”

Dojo: Hornell

Began Martial Arts:  July 1998

Achieved Black Belt:  March 2006

Hometown: Hornell

Education: BS Chemistry  -  Purdue University

Career: President/ CEO Dyco Electronics

Family: Wife: Jody Children: Jakob, Kevin, Jennifer

Why I began Martial Arts: I had a desire to study Martial Arts from a young age, but never had the opportunity. When my boys were 6 and 8 years old they began junior classes in Hayabusa.  When they moved up to the adult class I also decided to join. I wanted to participate with them and I enjoy the physical aspects of training as well as the tradition and respect of the Hayabusa style.

Martial Arts training has been very important in helping my children become successful, focused leaders in their adult lives. This is one of the reasons that I really enjoy working with today’s children and passing on the tradition!