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March 2015

Thank you to all of the people who supported our Breakathon and our scholarship fund. A special thanks goes out to those people who from each individual dojo, who exceeded expectations by bringing in the most contributions.


Contest Winners

Dalia Schroeder
Ethan White
Donavan Gates
Megan Peganoski

Sensei Schultheis

January 2015

We would like to congratulate Sensei Shultheis on his promotion to shodan. Sensei began karate when he was 7. Since then he has been a consistent and hardworking martial artist. We welcome him to the Yudansha Kai.

Competition Winner

January 2015

Sensei Pfuntner, at Kashiwa Martial Arts (Dansville) of Hayabusa Martials Arts, ran a competition with his juniors to see who could come up with the best quote of what martial arts meant to them. There were many great enteries, but the winner was Alexandra Daily, this is what she submitted.

Miss Daily “I like karate the most because it makes me feel like I can do anything. I feel happy, brave and strong. I like saying the creed and meeting new people. When I get hurt I keep trying”

Sensei Pfunter would like to thank everybody for their submissions, and hopes to further impact his students through the martial arts.

We Lose One of Our Own
Sensei Richard Personius-Yondan-1946-2014

Sensei Richard Personius passed away this last year and those of us who were fortunate enough to have known him remember him with both respect and affection.

Beginning classes in 1985 he and his two sons were the first to walk through the door when we opened our school in bath. He was 40 years old. Eight years later his sons had dropped out. However, he had continued with his training and received his first black belt.

From that point on he was instrumental in keeping the Bath dojo running smoothly; always there to open the school and help run classes. Many of our black belts owe their knowledge to his teaching.

Sense Personius was a quite , humble man as well as a formadable fighter of consistant control. A true martial artist he always showed the upmost respect, dignity, loyalty and honor.

Over the last few years he was unable to continue martial arts due to the same serious medical problems that took his life at such a young age.

We will remember him with honor.

Two Year Trip To Sappore Japan

August 2014

Dear Sensei and Students,

I will be away for two years serving for church that I attend in Sappore Japan. Sadly, this means that u won’t be able to attend any promotions in the dojo. I would be honored, however, to be invited.

Over the years Haybusa has be my home and its members my family. While I am away, I will miss everyone terribly. But, I would love it if you could leave me a message very now and then telling me how you are! If given enough time I will be able to respond to your e-mails on Mondays. In the situation where I am not given enough time, I may not be able to return your messages. I apologize ahead of time if this happens, and I will try my best to get back to you when I can.

I look forward to my journey, and also hope that when I do return I will feel as though I have never left.

Sincerely David Dupuis,

Sensei Dupuis began classes at a young age. He is now an active member of the dojo, and works hard to give back to his students. He will be missed!


Kama Clinic and Promotion

July 2014


Early this July Sensei Pfuntner led a Black Belt Clinic where he retaught the traditional Kata Hama Higa No Kama. Sensei demonstrated the kata and reviewed basic Kama techniques with the black belts, who tirelessly practiced the kata for 3 full hours. Finally, after fulfilling all of the requirements for his next rank, Sensei was promoted to Sandan.

Unlike other Martial Arts styles where instructors may simply memorize additional techniques or Kata for their next rank, we require our students to make additional services to the dojo. These services could include leading clinics or demonstrating knowledge of specific facets of martial arts.

Researching and teaching Kama is just one of the contributions that Sensei Pfuntner has made to our style. As of August, 2013 sensei has been successfully running the Dansville dojo. “Running a dojo is more work than you would expect”, says Sensei “but it is all worth it when I watch students advance. The greatest reward is watching how much students grow between ranks”.

Sensei Pfuntner grew up in Dansville and earned the rank of Shodan on February 24th in 2008. When he isn’t working or practicing Karate he enjoys hunting and fishing. In the winter months, he is also a snowboard instructor at the Swain Ski Resort.

Sensei plans to continue to run the Dansville Dojo and help others to become involved in Hayabusa. Thank you for all of your hard work Sensei! Congratulations!

“Karate to me is the fellowship. The karate family is the strongest family I ever saw. I love you all like brothers and sisters” - Sensei Pfuntner