What is karate to me?

Karate is the ability to maintain a clear mind and control in any given circumstance.

Sensei Dupuis

Martial Arts for me involves an ever growing awareness of mind, body, spirit as well as of my physical surroundings, and social life.

Sensei Entwood

Karate is discipline of the body and mind. Done correctly and faithfully it gives the individual an empowering sense of satisfaction.

Sensei Pollack

Karate to me is the awareness of your surroundings, of your own body and your own mind. To interact with your own mind and body as one.

Sensei Capparullo

Karate to me is about Tradition. Hanchi has blessed us with an art that has been handed down in the same basic manner for hundreds of years. She has dedicated her life to this. It is now our turn, our honor, to keep and pass on the tradition!

Renshi Georgek

Karate to me is the fellowship. The karate family is the strongest family I ever saw. I love you all like brothers and sisters.

Sensei Pfuntner