We Incorporate Several Traditional Martial Arts Styles into Hayabusa:

KARATE - ‘Empty Hands’- an unarmed method of combat in which all parts of the anatomy are used to punch, kick, strike or block. Karate originated in Okinawa as ‘te’ (hand) and was directly influenced by earlier martial artists. The number of karate sects remains at somewhere around one hundred.

JU-JUTSU - ‘Art of Gentleness’ - a general method of applying a technique to conquer an enemy with any and all means, using minimal force. Ju-Jutsu techniques include throwing, choking and joint-locking.


AIKI-JUTSU - ‘Technique of Harmonious Spirit’ - an ancient branch of ju-jutsu based on the principle of coordination between attack and defense. It is the art from which aikido grew.


KOBUDO - ‘Weapons Way’ - it encompasses numerous weapons which were an improvisation of farm implements converted into effective protective devices by Okinawan farmers. The main weapons are the bo (staff), sai (short pronged truncheon), nunchaku (flail) - (this weapon is illegal in New York State) - tonfa (handle) and kama (sickle).