Martial Arts is not just kicks and punches, but respect, discipline, commitment and incentive. You need and deserve an established school with professional, qualified instructors where classes are taught in a safe, clean environment. How do you know this is what you will get?

Look for these things:


Many Martial Arts schools are run by Black Belts that already have one or two other jobs.
To these people, teaching Martial Arts is a hobby and usually they decide to change hobbies.
When they change hobbies or their other jobs become more demanding, the student is the loser.
You deserve a school with a professional instructor who teaches Martial Arts as their sole job.

Our head instructor is a professional Martial Arts Instructor with no other job to distract from your learning experience. The first priority is to see that you or your child get the finest Martial Arts training possible.


It is important that you have qualified Black Belt instructors.
However, being a black belt does not mean that you know how to teach Martial Arts.
A “teaching rank” often means nothing. Your instructor should also have training in how to teach.

Our head instructor has a Masters Degree in Education as well as a 9th Degree Master Rank Black Belt.


Many schools operate out of basements, back rooms, dance studios or areas rented
by the hour or day and are shared by other groups at the same time. You deserve the finest facilities.

We have full-time schools - complete with changing areas, bathrooms and the best training equipment. In fact, our schools are the finest Martial Arts training facilities in the area.


Does the school have an established record of being in business?
Are you sure it will still be there in another year? Five years?

Hayaabusa Martial Arts was established in 1976 and has run full time ever since.


You wouldn’t send your child to Little League Baseball if they were going to play their games against adults. Why have your child take Martial Arts classes with adults? Adult classes are for adults.
In fact, there are physical activities that take place in Adult Martial Arts classes that are detrimental to a child’s physical well being. When adults and children are taught in the same class, one of them will suffer inferior training.

Everyone deserves a class that will meet their individual needs.We have separate classes for our junior students so that everyone gets the attention that they deserve.


Any Martial Arts school that does not have liability insurance does not really care about their students.
Some schools substitute an athletic association insurance for liability insurance because it is cheaper, but you don’t receive the same protection. If you or your child hurts someone and the school does not have insurance, YOU will pay.

Our schools carry the best in Martial Arts insurance because we care about you.


If all you want is a black belt or to be inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame, then go buy any karate magazine because it will tell you where you can buy these things. Rank should be earned. Giving a rank to someone who hasn’t earned it diminishes every person’s rank. And remember, if a school tells you that you are not progressing fast enough in your school (they are sure you will get a higher rank in their school) they are really telling you that the standards in their school are lower than those in the school that you are already attending.

In our schools you earn rank, and with diligence you will receive a Black Belt of which you can be proud.